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Upgrade WiFi MultipleFan (incl. Software) Upgrade WiFi MultipleFan (incl. Software)
for measurement systemBlowerDoor MultipleFan with DG-700. 2 WiFi-Links, Software TECTITE Express 5.1, Software TECLOG MultipleFan, 1 WLAN-N Router (4 ports, 300 MBit/s, 2T2R), and reference guide
€790.00 *
Upgrade WiFi Standard (incl. Software) Upgrade WiFi Standard (incl. Software)
for measurement systemBlowerDoor Standard with DG-700 WiFi-Link, Software TECTITE Express 5.1, and reference guide
€390.00 *
WiFi-Link for the DG-700 WiFi-Link for the DG-700
(without software)
€295.00 *