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Rental HandFogger Rental HandFogger
Battery-driven fog generator incl. accumulator 12 V / 70 W and battery charger, 250 ml special fluid, padded case, weight incl. accumulator 630 g
€70.00 *
Rental HeavyFogger F Rental HeavyFogger F
1,300 W heating power, integrated fluid container (5 l), with 5 l special fluid, weight without canister 8.6 kg with radio remote control
€70.00 *
Rental PowerFogger F Rental PowerFogger F
400 W heating power, accumulator 12 V, integrated fluid container (250 ml), with 250 ml special fluid, weight incl. accumulator 5.6 kg with radio remote control.
€70.00 *
Rental testo 425 Rental testo 425
Air velocity measuring instrument with digital display with always-ready case. Thermal anemometer.
€70.00 *